Advantage Fitness Products created a custom designed fitness center at The Gateway.
The facility features state-of-the-art fitness equipment.
Get ready to get fit!

D&I Fitness is open at The Gateway and
running a special tenant-only promotion! Click for details.

Most Advantage Fitness Products equipment features swipe-screen technology with
virtual training, log-in access and entertainment options.

Synchro Excite 700 Elliptical features 25 different levels of difficulty and offers smooth, effortless, quiet, and impact-free movement to eliminate muscle and joint strain during exercise.

Bike 700 provides the user with a “real road” experience offering three training positions and 25 different levels of difficulty.

Recline 700 Exercise Bike is designed to be accessible by all users with 8 adjustable positions.

Jog Now 700 treadmill meets the needs of users who want to get complete cardiovascular exercise and reach a number of different goals, including weight loss, toning and increasing endurance.

Plurima is a multistation that has wide versatility with its 7 different configurations and allows you to perform up to 150 different exercises! Core & Leg Extension/Curl; Press & Overhead Press; and, High & Low Pull

Medicine Balls add a wide-variety of exercises into your strength training.

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